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Stop Darmkanker VZW, a non-profit organization based in Antwerp, is founded back in 2010 by Luc Colement and three students. They had only one purpose: taking action to fight against colon cancer with their mission statement “Sharing Knowledge can save human lives”. By sharing leaflets, keynotes, readings, presentations, social media posts and a comic book named “Dirk”, they strive to inform as many people as possible about colon cancer and how to prevent it.

For this project, our consultants have two main goals. The first one is finding the best way for Stop Darmkanker VZW to approach other organizations and close more long-term deals or partnerships. The second goal is to seek for the best way to reach minority groups in our society. Both are based on one key result for this project: Providing Stop Darmkanker VZW with tactical insights to keep on battling against colon cancer.

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Moving Ground is an Antwerp based non-profit organization that works with urban youth to create performing arts. They provide performing art education, performing art therapy, human rights education, and social work to empower youth in their talent development and to create dialogue around their problems. Moving Ground also offers teenagers a Moving Talent Plan to guide them through the performing arts network of Antwerp. The plans are based on the personal interests, goals, and needs of each teenager. A few benefits that have been noticed in people who had a Moving Talent Plan are a greater self-esteem, better concentration, better behavior in school, etc.

The project for Moving Ground is about making a participatory marketing strategy that focusses on the needs of the children they help. The strategy will be based on a market research conducted by the consultants and the goal is to increase donations. Furthermore, Moving Ground wants to create a fundraising platform for which the consultants will formulate their found best practices as well as give some legal and fiscal advise on this platform.


FEESTvarken is a non-profit organization that stands up to poverty in Belgium. They do this in two ways. First of all, they try to give children living in poverty an unforgettable birthday by giving them a birthday package. This package contains a present, a treat, and party supplies. Secondly, they also raise awareness about poverty in an accessible and positive way.

Our consultants took a close look at their social media platforms and suggested some other relevant ways in order to increase brand awareness. In addition, they recommended optimized use of the Google Ad Grants to increase their awareness and sell more of their personalized products.

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Vzw rondpunt is an organization that helps victims and survivors of traffic accidents. They offer emotional and financial assistance as well as legal and insurance advice to victims. The well-being of victims and survivors is their core business. Furthermore, they work on projects that contribute to a safer traffic environment. They act as a center of expertise and cooperate with schools, organizations and professionals.

Our consultants will help the organization to draw up a clear market strategy. The main goal of the organization is not to drift too far away from its core business, namely the welfare of the victims, and at the same time invest enough time and resources into other important projects.


This semester we set up an internal project. The consultants who focus on this project are international students. The main focus of the project are the following two points:
· How can we involve international students in our organization in a way that represents the interests of stakeholders?
 · How can we provide a good alternative to the surplus of good applicants and develop our consultant academy so that inclusion occurs?

We would also like to optimize the following:
· How can we optimize our marketing to attract more attention of NPOs?



Together we make an impact


Our consultants helped Wereld Missie Hulp with a financial analysis for the start-up of a store in Antwerp.


The quality of their delivered work and the enthusiasm with which they redesigned our online marketing platform, certainly makes us excited for a follow-up project.

It was a refreshing experience working together with a team of motivated students dedicating their time and fresh perspectives to help us move forward as a social enterprise!

De Kringwinkel

Designers Against Aids

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