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Our projects for this semester.


Since 1987, the non-profit Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen has been helping people fleeing war, violence and persecution. Today, they put pressure on policy and raise awareness among the wider public. Their mission and operations are based on the following pillars:

  • Standing up for the right to flee

  • Watching over the rights of everyone seeking asylum in our country

  • Supporting all those who assist asylum seekers and refugees

  • Working together to protect people on the run

Concrete actions emerging from these pillars are found in approaching the issues from different perspectives and levels of society.

In the beginning of 2024 Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen plans to roll out a campaign at local level aiming to bring different people together, highlight what they have in common, and improve attitudes towards people from refugee backgrounds. In preparation of this campaign they are interested in the different audiences and how to target them most effectively. The project is about making a target group analysis and impact analysis for this campaign.

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Vogelbescherming Vlaanderen vzw has been raising awareness among citizens since 1922, while actively supporting bird and wildlife sanctuaries. Their mission is to give wild animals every chance to thrive. This mission rests on three pillars. Firstly, they strive to give all animals a fair chance to live the highest quality life possible from start to finish. Here we can think of concrete actions such as encouraging breeding sites and keeping birds from wind turbines. The second pillar is space; here, they strive to give animals as much autonomy as possible to decide for themselves where they will roam. This is achieved by influencing how construction takes place in the habitats of affected animals. Last, but by no means least, is the social context whereby a harmonious relationship between humans and animals is pursued by, for example, preventing invasive native species from entering the ecosystem.

Due to successes booked in the realm of birds, the organization wishes to extend their operations to the protection of wildlife in general. This involves a twofold project. On the one hand, in undertaking this expansion, it is important for the organization to be able to communicate this effectively to the outside world. The aim of this project is therefore to do a target group analysis of the existing members and find out where they can attract future members, as well as the best way to reach them. On the other hand, it is crucial to review and optimize the current business model to ensure it is not outdated given the new direction the organization is taking. The challenge is to assess current financing methods and as well as consider other financing options.


Since September 2022, De Tuinfluiter has been present in the ecological allotment complex of Ertbrugge in Deurne. They primarily focus on young people facing challenges in their environment and those in need of professional support. With their green approach, they organize day activities related to gardening and create enjoyable products like organic soap. They are eager to contribute to a more pleasant urban environment.

Due to the strong growth of the nonprofit organization, they have had to ease up a bit. In addition to organizing activities, Els, the founder of De Tuinfluiter, is involved in keeping the nonprofit running in terms of administration, accounting, marketing, and more. Currently, she handles these tasks herself, and there is a significant need for additional volunteers. De Tuinfluiter is affiliated with VSDC, a nonprofit that assists with the accounting of nonprofits, but they are often busy. The aim of this project is to attract and retain the right volunteers by analyzing the suitable volunteer profiles and creating a marketing strategy to help in volunteer recruitment.

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2GO is a non-profit organization founded in 2021 with the aim of giving underprivileged young people a lift to integrate into society. This is done by offering help with personal development in the form of low-threshold student jobs and assistance in obtaining a driving license. This in turn helps them gain confidence to apply for actual student jobs, or be able to apply for a wider array of jobs for which a driver's license is necessary.

Fun fact: they have been selected for this year's "Warmste Week" project.

2GO vzw is currently kept fully operational by free contributions from volunteers and board members. In Belgium, however, there are many opportunities for non-profit organizations to obtain subsidies from the government. This project therefore entails in-depth research into all possible subsidies to which this non-profit organization may be entitled, based on the characteristics of the vzw at different levels and domains.


Adoptiehuis vzw is the Flemish organization that mediates in domestic adoption, involving the adoption of children born in Belgium. Adoptiehuis holds a license for this purpose from Kind & Gezin, the Flemish Agency for Children and Families. They operate within the framework of known child adoption, meaning the child is adopted within pre-existing circles. Adoptiehuis provides support for expectant mothers facing unwanted pregnancies, assesses the eligibility of prospective adoptive parents, mediates in the adoption process, prepares prospective adoptive parents, and offers primary and general post-adoption support.

Adoptiehuis vzw is fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers and staff members with big hearts who are always ready to help. However, their legal knowledge may not always be comprehensive, which can lead to uncertainty about the implications of their actions. This is crucial, as these are essential tasks that must be carried out with the utmost care. The task for the legal consultants pertains to the Companies and Associations Code. They are required to review director's liability within the nonprofit organization and explain it in non-legal language. Once this task is completed, they will review other provisions of the Companies and Associations Code for the nonprofit organization and attempt to provide explanations in layman's terms

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Jesuit Refugee Service is an international Catholic organization. Their mission is to accompany, serve, and defend the rights of refugees and forced migrants. In Belgium, JRS is committed to promoting hospitality and advocating for the rights of refugees and forced migrants in detention centers and return homes. JRS Belgium regularly visits closed centers where individuals without valid residence permits are held prior to deportation. These visits aim to listen to detainees, provide mental and psychological support, offer information, and advocate for the rights of the detained individuals.

Visitors to the detention centers must consider regulations concerning personal data and privacy protection when collecting and sharing information with third parties. In 2020, JRS Belgium created various documents in accordance with existing legislation. These documents need to be updated and improved as necessary. It is also essential to determine what information must be mandatory during visits and what is not. Finally, an extensive privacy policy and a seven-step analysis need to be transformed into a condensed information brochure or toolkit.


The following projects our consultants completed with great success for our amazing non-profits last semester.


Our consultants helped Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen with a target group analysis and impact analysis for their latest campaign.

vluchtelingenwerk vlaanderen.png


Together we make an impact


Our consultants helped Wereld Missie Hulp with a financial analysis for the start-up of a store in Antwerp.


The quality of their delivered work and the enthusiasm with which they redesigned our online marketing platform, certainly makes us excited for a follow-up project.

It was a refreshing experience working together with a team of motivated students dedicating their time and fresh perspectives to help us move forward as a social enterprise!

De Kringwinkel

Designers Against Aids

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