FALL 2020-2021

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Trias is an international development organization based in Brussels that strives to empower small entrepreneurs globally. Knowledge sharing and training is key to their activities. To align its knowledge pool worldwide, optimize its training services in times of covid-19 and to enlarge its reach in general, Trias aims to enroll an e-learning platform. Therefore, they started a pilot project in Brazil and asked us to help them to extract key lessons learned from this pilot project, collect best practices and share creative solutions to their challenges.

Our consultants were in close communication with their team in Brazil to identify their challenges and to analyze possibilities. They proposed an optimal learning journey taking into account the limitations of the Brazilian context to move the e-learning platform forward and prepare it for a next step: implementing it globally.


Berrefonds is a non-profit organization which offers support to parents and families of children who die during pregnancy, after birth or up to the age of 12. They focus on creating mental, social and physical space for mourning and grief, cherishing the deceased child and aftercare.

Normally, the majority of their funding comes from “De Warmste Week”. This funding source completely disappeared because of Covid19. Therefore, Berrefonds looked for long lasting and secure funding sources. The goal of this project was to look for new fundraising opportunities to cover their loss of funds.

Firstly, the team looked for fundraising ideas connected to the “Koesterweek” in December. Secondly, they analyzed the possibility of starting a membership with a fixed donation. They wanted to attract private individuals as well as companies. In this way, Berrefonds can continue performing its activities and facilitating the mourning process with their “Koesterkoffer”.



Eight is a non-profit organization that wants to eradicate poverty by 2030. To do this, they give money to people in extreme poverty without asking for anything in return. This radical and counter-intuitive idea has a proven impact. After a pilot project in Uganda, Eight is now looking to expand its activities to other countries. In order to expand their unconditional cash transfers, they need to grow and attract more funds. To enable this growth they asked us to review their current business case and to provide them with a framework.

Our consultants interviewed several specialists in the field of fundraising to gather information. With this information they were able to provide valuable feedback on the current business case of Eight and to come up with a framework that will allow Eight to grow in a structured way to achieve their goal of eradicating poverty.


KORAAL vzw is a non-profit organization that organizes accessible youth activities, family support and child care contributing to a better quality of life for its clients and employees. To improve their operations they asked us to look for innovative ways to formalize their recruitment process.

The consultants analyzed different recruiting channels and looked into different assessment procedures that would increase the retention of their current employees and attract new talent. Throughout the project the consultants could count on the professional help of Papilium to ensure a valuable deliverable. In the final client meeting the team presented their conclusion and they included next steps to help the client implement a new recruitment strategy.


The quality of their delivered work and the enthusiasm with which they redesigned our online marketing platform, certainly makes us excited for a follow-up project.

It was a refreshing experience working together with a team of motivated students dedicating their time and fresh perspectives to help us move forward as a social enterprise!

De Kringwinkel

Designers Against Aids



Together we make an impact


Our consultants helped Wereld Missie Hulp with a financial analysis for the start-up of a store in Antwerp.

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